We build technologies in support of bringing virtual human to life. Our core A.I. technologies strive for realism, naturalness, scalability, and performance. Under this rationale, our tech reduces by a large margin the cost and turnaround time in production caused by the need for building specialized models for each new avatar. This unlocks unlimited possibilities in rapid creation in our virtual human ecosystem.

The original face

Original face

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Face Shifting

Providing one image of a person, our Face Shifting technology can apply the facial characteristics to any face images or videos.

  • Robust to extreme head pose, lighting, and occlusion

  • High retention of facial expression

  • Natural and high fidelity

Lip Synchronization

Driving any face with a voice recording, our Lip Synchronization technology synchronises lip, mouth, and jaw movement with the speech.

  • Supports 50+ languages

  • Robust to background noise

  • Works for both real and synthetic voices

From Sam’s voice

From Sam’s voice

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To AI-generated woman voice

To AI-generated woman voice

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Voice Cloning

Given a short voice recording, our Voice Cloning technology can swap the vocal attributes onto another speech recording.

  • Clones a voice with a recording as short as one minute

  • Cross languages, dialects, accents, and genders

  • Preserves original speech pattern